STA Centrifugal Liquid Recycling

STA has been manufacturing and marketing centrifugal separators and complex systems for clarifying industrial fluids since 1992.

Thanks to many decades of experience of various production procedures, such as grinding technology and surface treatment, as well as our know-how in filter technology, we have been able to gain the confidence of many renowned customers, e.g. Daimler Chrysler and Robert Bosch, where over 50 STA systems are installed.

Today, more than 40 employees work in the company’s own building, which was built in 1993 and considerably extended in 2000.

Based on the experiences from more than 2.000  worldwide installed units, and considering always the latest safety regulations we develop high-performance, long-life and safe machines.

By means of research on our machines’ fluid dynamics and extensive field trials we make sure that STA’s separaors remain the best performing on the market.

We maintain our high quality standards by creating value in our 800 m² production site following certified processes (ISO 9001, WGH 19 L German Water Protection Act).

Products are:

Centrifugal Separators

STA Centrifugal Separators are using the physical effect of phase separation in centrifugal fields for the cleaning of process fluids.

 Even unfilterable media are reliably cleared from particles or secondary liquid phases without use of disposables.

The removed solids are dry and pure. Centrifugal Separators are relatively compact systems and easy to be integrated; they fit a wide range of applications.


Plate phase separators, for automatic separation of large quantities of coarse disperse foreign oils, working on the coalescence and gravitation principle.

Microfilter Clear Tube

CTS-Systems are automatically backflushing filtration systems with outstanding filtration efficiency: 1-3 µm (NAS 7/8)

Central Systems

STA Central Filtration Systems are tailored for fluid storing, cleaning and process supply.

STA Centrifugal Liquid Recycling

STA Centrifugal Liquid Recycling

STA Centrifugal Liquid Recycling

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