Plating Electronic Industrial Rectifiers

Plating Electronic is one of the technology leaders in direct current rectifiers and pulse power supplies for electrochemical processes. These primarily include electroplating, surface treatment of aluminium, PCB manufacturing and water treatment. plating electronic delivers tailored solutions for optimal power supply in all these sectors.

We believe that we can achieve the best possible quality in this way. "Made in Germany" is and will remain a convincing designation of all the POWER STATIONs, POWER PULSE power supplies, control units, control modules and software made by plating electronic.

NEW Technology Update***

Switch-Mode Technology

With the use of efficient, high-frequency technology, switch-mode power supplies offer many advantages over conventional rectifiers based on output adjustment by motor control or thyristor technology. Switch-mode technology is a reliable, globally recognized and robust technology and is ideally suited for use in electroplating and industrial application. The air or water-cooled DC and Pulse power supplies can also be easily integrated into a control system.

Digital Control (DSP Controlled)

We utilize the most up to date technology and employ digital controls in our power supplies. Our devices are characterized by excellent control accuracy and extremely low ripple.

Quick and easy connection to control units or to current BUS interfaces is another advantage of the digital technology.

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