About Us

Corporate Profile

SOLIDHEAT established since 1996 provides solid industrial solutions and solid commitments to delight customers. We design, manufacture and market of all types of electric heating equipment for OEM and industrial applications and are an exclusive supplier of top quality Industrial Heaters, Chemical Pumps, Filters and Rectifiers for surface treatments, with renowned Brand Names, ie. Process Technology (USA), Hendor (NEDERLAND), Plating Electronic (GERMANY), GH Induction Heating (SPAIN), STA Centrifugal Liquid Recycling (GERMANY) & Etc.

Our dynamic marketing and technical support team provides consultation for your standard or customized requirements. They are supported in-house by experienced engineering team, a value adding production unit and a highly responsive after-sales service.

SOLIDHEAT’s employees have always displayed a "SOLID" personality. They are always:

In addition they are:

- Dedicated to stay abreast of Technology
- Believe in Teamwork
- Ethical, Social Responsible and Supports the Environment
- Customer Centric
- Safety Consciousness and always uphold Safety Work Practices
- Focus on Quality and Service Excellence
- Overseas Expansion